If you are new to the Valley or new to real estate, here are a few recommendations to navigate summertime showing appointments in the Phoenix area.

In June, July and August, expect a daytime temperature of about 105 degrees. In extreme times, we may get a heat advisory from the National Weather Service (NWS) if temperatures are 115 degrees or more. For the safety of you and others, it is important to be prepared for the hot summer days ahead.

For Listing Agents

Summertime brings more daylight hours. Therefore, be sure to double-check your lockbox showing restrictions and adjust its access times as needed.

Lighting within a home is important, but the full Arizona sun in the summer is too much! It’s a good idea to have drapes and blinds half-open, especially on west-facing windows.

Utilize semi-private remarks for showing agents. Should they close the drapes or blinds after the showing? Should they turn the A/C up, down or off after showing?

For Showing Agents

Bring water, not only for you but for your clients as well. Out-of-towners may not realize how quickly we can dehydrate in the heat.

Dress for the temperature! Wear light clothing made with breathable materials.

Items get hot! Think about the interior of your car, water from the hose and lockboxes. It may sound crazy, but having an oven mitt or gloves while handling lockboxes can be a lifesaver!

Is it Monsoon season? If so, showing properties during a Monsoon can be dangerous. If a showing appointment is impossible due to any weather situation, try Flexmls. You can use the bird’s-eye view, street view and virtual tour options as¬†alternatives.

A dust storm in Phoenix, AZ

Is the property vacant?

With unoccupied properties, there are a few items to consider.

Wildlife! Just like people, wildlife wants to be cool, dry and safe. An unoccupied property is a good place for critters to avoid the heat. Seeing snakes, scorpions and spiders is a possibility, so keep your eyes open!

Lastly, when showing a vacant house, please be sure to follow the showing instructions. If the home is vacant, is the electricity on? This may impact the amount of time you spend inside the property. Did the listing agent request the A/C have a specific temperature? Did the listing agent request to close the blinds or drapes?

We hope these tips help you navigate summertime showings. Welcome to the heat! Is it winter yet?