When assisting a client who requests their future home to be in proximity to multiple addresses, there are methods in Flexmls you can utilize to find properties that meet their needs. One approach is to utilize multiple pushpins and draw a polygon shape on the Flexmls map.


Begin by narrowing down essential criteria on the left-hand side, such as price range and the desired number of bedrooms. Then, locate the pushpin icon on the right side of the map.

locate address pushpin screenshot

When you select the pushpin (Locate Address), you will be asked to enter the full address (city and state, or zip code). Repeat this process for each address relevant to the client’s needs.

Using a Polygon Shape

Once you have all the pushpins on the map, use the polygon shape to draw around them. The properties within this shape are likely to align with your client’s interest!

It’s recommended to input at least three addresses in order to accurately plot points on the map using the polygon shape. Here is an example below:

polygon and 4 pushpins on map screenshot

If using drawing tools is new for you, try the ARMLS course on Searching and Mapping in Flexmls.

There are several reasons why a client may desire their future home to be in proximity to multiple addresses in a specific area. Some reasons may include professional obligations, education opportunities or just overall convenience. Regardless, using these tools in Flexmls will allow you to best assist your clients in finding a property that fits their lifestyle.