A Flexmls map search allows you to search for properties in a focused geographic area by drawing a shape on the map. This will help you obtain results that might not have been possible by using search filters alone. For example, with the map search you can focus on a neighborhood instead of a city.

There are three shapes in your map toolbar that can help with your Flexmls map search: Circle, Rectangle and Polygon. How do you know which to choose?

screenshot of 3 shapes to use on the map


The circle is used for searching within a certain distance from a set point, such as a school or workplace. You can adjust the circle to cover the desired radius by dragging your mouse away from the starting point and clicking once when done. Example: Three miles from where your client works.


To search an area with very clear boundary lines, the rectangle is the best shape to use. Just like with the circle, the size can also be adjusted by dragging your mouse and then clicking once when the desired area is covered. Example: The area directly south of where the 101 and 17 intersect.


The polygon tool allows you to draw shapes freehand and is helpful when the boundary lines are irregular. From your starting point, drag the mouse and click once each time you want to change direction. Double-click once your shape is complete. Example: The section of a subdivision that is not too close to the highway or the shopping center.

Screenshot of Flexmls map search

To learn more advanced map search functions, check out Shape Up Your Flexmls Map Search.

We also have a comprehensive Searching & Mapping course that is offered live on a regular basis or can be taken online anytime.