RESO, the Real Estate Standards Organization, plays a vital role in creating standards that help real estate systems work together seamlessly. Their Data Dictionary serves as a universal language for data in the industry, allowing various systems to communicate effortlessly.


ARMLS actively helps shape and align with RESO’s Data Dictionary to maintain standardized fields we rely on within the industry. This means listing information within Flexmls can be easily transferred between different apps, servers and systems, all speaking the same language.

Being RESO certified is a significant advantage for ARMLS. It allows us to onboard innovative tools and products quickly and reliably, enhancing the overall technology experience for consumers and professionals.

Without RESO’s standards, it is harder for MLSs and real estate associations to communicate with other systems due to unique terminology.

RESO’s influence in collaborating with industry MLSs, associations, brokers and technology companies ensures compatibility and efficiency across the real estate landscape. ARMLS’s RESO certification guarantees a reliable and interoperable system that meets the expectations of consumers and professionals alike.