If you’ve used the map to search within Flexmls, you’ve probably noticed the red push-pin to the right of your screen. This little tool is used when you need to locate the exact address of a property. Whether you’re working with a buyer or a seller, the different functions of the push-pin can help you help your client.

How to Use the Push-Pin

Click the red push-pin located at the right of your screen, enter the address information in the pop-up box and select Locate.

locate address push pin

Verify that the location is the correct property you’re looking for and click Use this location.


From here, select what you would like to do. A Radius Search will let you plot a radius distance of your choosing around your push-pin. The Street View takes you to a Google Maps street view of your property. The Bird’s Eye option provides a satellite image of the property. If none of those options apply, select the X at the top-right of the bubble to exit the options while leaving your push-pin planted.


Push-Pin Example

Let’s say your buyer wants to live within 2 miles of their work. You can create a 2 mile search radius around the property using the push-pin.

1. Select the push-pin in the Map tab, input the exact address of your client’s job and select Locate. Make sure the location is correct and select Use this location.

2. Select Radius Search. 


3. Enter the radius your client wants in miles. For this example, we’ll enter 2. Select Create Radius.


4. Zoom out to see the entire radius search.


5. On the left side of the screen, begin filling in your buyer’s specifications. This will generate all the houses that meet your client’s needs within the two mile radius.



In addition to the push-pin, Flexmls offers several different tools and map overlays.