When creating a Route in Aligned Showings, you can incorporate additional stops you want to make, including listings that are using a different showing service.

Start in either Flexmls or Aligned Showings to choose the listings you want to include in your Route. After you have selected the date, starting time and created the Route, you can click Add Stop at the top. The Add New Appointment option will prompt you to choose a listing in Aligned Showings. However, by choosing Non-MLS Stop, you can include any destination to help you organize your day.

Screenshot of adding a new Non-MLS stop to a Route in Aligned Showings.

Here are some examples of Non-MLS Stops you can add:

  • Listings that are using a different online showing service (We know it is a little confusing when balancing two different showing services)
  • Listings that are not using an online showing service
  • Your office
  • Your client’s address
  • Coffee shops, restaurants, mortgage offices and more

Simply enter the address or point of interest, select the result you want to choose, then select your time and duration of the stop to continue organizing it into your Route.

Screenshot example of adding a custom Non-MLS Stop to an Aligned Showings Route

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