We’re not clucking around! Recently, the city of Chandler joined Gilbert, Queen Creek, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Maricopa County in allowing backyard chickens. A detached single-family lot can have up to five chickens.

If your client expresses interest in having chickens on their property, there are some secondary rules to check first. For example, some cities do not allow roosters, homeowners should check with their HOA before getting hens and there are limitations with coop structure sizing that should be checked as well.

small chickens walking around

In Flexmls

The best way to search for this feature is by Add a Field. By adding the Public Remarks field, you can insert keywords like chickens, hens or coop to find listings that may include these on the property.

screenshot of flexmls add a field public remarks

Alternatively, you can expand your search by adding the field Additional Property Use and selecting Ranch/Farm. It is an and/or/not function, so be sure to select and.

flexmls add a field additional property use

Chicken facts, no yolk!

Here are a few reasons why your clients might want backyard chickens:

  • A healthy hen could lay one egg a day (say goodbye to a $5 carton of eggs!)
  • Chickens can recognize people and form bonds
  • They are smart and social creatures (why have just one?)
  • Backyard chickens and gardening are symbiotic
  • Chickens are low maintenance