What do you do when your client wants a home with a water slide, or maybe a wine cellar? In Flexmls you won’t find either listed as a search field, but you may be able to search for them via the listing agent’s public remarks.

Public remarks is a section where the listing agent can write a descriptive paragraph that highlights the property and its surroundings. This is a useful field to search by but is not part of the default search template.

How to Add Public Remarks to Your Search

From the quick search main page, click Add a Field at the bottom of the criteria list. Type in Public Remarks and click on it when it appears.

Screenshot of Searching PUBLIC REMARKS

Let’s say your client wants a home that has a water slide. Since that’s not an option to search by, you can type “water slide” into the public remarks to see if any listing agents have typed this in their listing. You can see there are 13 listings where the agent has included “water slide” in their public remarks.

***It’s important to note that the field is not intuitive nor is it a search engine like Google. It simply matches the characters that you have typed in against any listings with the same string of characters. For example, if you search for “MOTHER IN LAW SUITE” and then later search for “MOTHER-IN-LAW SUITE” with the hyphen, your search results will change. The best practice is to type “MOTHER IN LAW SUITE, MOTHER-IN-LAW SUITE” using a comma to separate the keyword or phrase.