And. Or. Not.

These three tiny words can make a huge difference when searching in Flexmls. Your client might want a house with a heated AND fenced pool, which is different than saying heated OR fenced. Adding and/or/not to your search terms (when available) will help you the obtain the most specific results possible.

Screenshot of the Pool features field in a Play button

There are many search fields aside from Pool Features that contain the and/or/not option. Some examples are Kitchen Features, Special Listing Conditions and Property Description. You can add fields to your search or create a custom search template.

Keep in mind that Flexmls will only show results for properties exactly matching the search terms you enter. If a property has a heated pool, the listing agent must check off that feature or it will not appear in search results. Optional fields are often overlooked when listings are entered into Flexmls. Filter your searches with care!

If you’re searching in Monsoon, some of those fields have a similar filtering option.

Have fun fine-tuning your search! Learn even more helpful tips for searching in Flexmls by taking our online course.