To make an incomplete listing active, go to Menu, ADD/CHANGE, then My Incomplete. Here you will find a list of listings you have started, but not completed.

Screenshot of Add Change My Incomplete

Then follow these steps:

1.  Select the incomplete listing and click EDIT at the bottom right. You will be able to edit two main areas, General (Listing Information) and Media (Photos, Documents, Videos and Virtual Tours). For this purpose, you will select General (Listing Information). In this section, go to Main Fields, and review the Status, List Date and Expire Date.

screenshot of general listing information

2. The Status should be Active. The List Date should be the date stated in the listing agreement. (E.g. 3/27/2013 = March 27, 2013). This date is on the first page of the ARMLS ER/EA listing agreement. The list date is not necessarily the date the listing agreement was signed by all parties. Agent Days on Market (ADOM) begin on the list date, not the date of the MLS activation. This information is found by selecting the question mark button.

main fields active status screenshot with arrow points to ?

3. Regarding the Expire Date, input the date the listing contract will expire (Example: 4/1/2013 = April 1, 2013). Again, this information is found by selecting the question mark button.

Once the required fields have been added, and other details have been carefully reviewed, you will be able to click Add Listing, located in the top right. Your listing will be active and assigned an MLS number.

screen shot of add a listing circled

For more information, see the online course for Adding a Listing.