With your ARMLS annual subscription fee you have access to Monsoon, but do you know you also get access to a Demographics Report? A Demographics Report delivers information like population trends and provides statistical data such as age, race, gender and income for a population.

A Demographics Report is a research tool for subscribers, clients, and investors alike. For investors, it can be used as a market predictor for population growth and future opportunities. For potential buyers, a Demographics Report can help paint a picture of neighborhood characteristics before putting in an offer.

How to Access

To view the Demographics Report in Monsoon, from Quick Search type in a complete address, owner name, parcel number or MLS number.


screenshot of quick search in Monsoon

Once a Tax Report is generated in the box for Area Information, you will see a blue hyperlink located in the top right. Click the hyperlink and the report will be generated. In the Demographics Report provided by Monsoon, you can view information about Population, Housing, Quality of Life, Schools, Local Business and Shopping.

screen shot of demographics report in monsoon

You can learn more about The Monsoon Tax System by taking the Online Course or register for The Monsoon Tax System class with one of the ARMLS instructors.

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