If you’re not familiar with ZIP codes or their boundaries, there is another way to search by ZIP code in Flexmls!

While in a Search, go to the ZIP Code field and click Find via Map Areas.

Screen shot of the ZIP Code field in a Flexmls Quick Search highlighting the option of Find via Map Areas in a red box

This will display the ZIP code map overlay where you can view all the ZIP codes on the interactive map. Now you can select one or more ZIP codes to highlight them in red.

GIF of the Flexmls Quick Search Map showing ZIP Code boundaries. The mouse cursor hovers over a ZIP code to highlight in yellow with a red border. Once the mouse is clicked, the yellow and red colors turn darker shade.

Once you have your desired area(s) selected, click Return to Search at the bottom right. The chosen area(s) will then be applied to your search criteria to filter your results.

Screen shot of the ZIP Code field in a Flexmls Quick Search with 3 ZIP Codes included.

You can also start by viewing the ZIP code map overlay rather than starting at the ZIP Code field. From here, select an area, then click Add to Search. Repeat this process if you started from the map overlay until you’ve added the ZIP codes needed.

Screen shot of the Map in a Flexmls Quick Search. A ZIP Code is highlighted in yellow with a text box above highlighting the option of add to search.

To learn more about Flexmls map features, take our online Searching & Mapping course or attend the in-person Searching in Flexmls class.