Printing a listing’s detail report aka plano on one sheet of paper isn’t always an easy task. Some listings have more information included than others and, therefore, may take up more space.

Here are some tips you can try in Flexmls to avoid printing on multiple pages.

  1. Choosing the Public Version can help eliminate some information. The Private Version contains additional DND2 fields for agent-to-agent communication and can take up more space.
    Screenshot of the Version selection of Public or Private
  2. Select specific checkbox(es) for the information you want to include when printing. The Listing Detail Report is the default option and other selections can be added.
    Screenshot of the checkbox selections for what can be included when printing
  3. If you want to save the selections you chose, you can click Save at the bottom for faster printing in the future.
    Screenshot showing the Save option for selections when printing

Other printing options are completely dependent on the browser you are using. Google Chrome has the option to change the scale of the page. Mozilla Firefox has the option to shrink information to fit within a page. Within Safari, you must change the font size and object size to fit onto the page.

Remember, this information is always accessible on-the-go with real-time updates on the Flexmls Pro mobile app for iPhone and Android.