Finding the square footage of a property can sometimes be tricky. Whether you’re the listing agent for a property or showing it to a potential buyer, it’s important to have the correct information about how much living space there is. The Monsoon tax system is a great resource for obtaining details about a property.

Because we live in a vacation destination market, it’s not uncommon for a home to include a guest house, casita or some other type of additional living area. So what should and should not be included in square footage calculations?

An additional structure that is NOT connected to the main house in any way should not be included in the overall square footage. An example of this is a guest house that is in the backyard and has its own entrance. These structures are considered Added Detached and can be found in Monsoon under Additional Features.

This is because the livable square footage of a detached guest house isn’t included in the price per square foot calculations. If the additional structure is attached to any part of the main house, it can be included in the square footage. This applies even if the structure has its own entrance. For example, a casita that can only be accessed from its own door but has shares a wall with the kitchen in the house.

Keep in mind that Monsoon pulls data from tax records. If a structure has been added to a property without the proper permit, it most likely will not be included in the square footage displayed.

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