It’s no secret that contact info in the media is prohibited inside the MLS per Rule 8.23. But what may surprise you are all of the accidental ways your contact info (or your brokerage’s) can end up in the media, especially videos and virtual tours. Here are some of the most overlooked ways contact information ends up in the media of your listing.

  • Voice overs that introduce the agent in videos or virtual tours
  • “For sale” signs with agent/brokerage contact info in virtual tours or photos
  • Flyers with agent/brokerage contact info appearing in photos
  • Video intros/exits that display the agent/broker info
  • Videos hosted on agent accounts
  • Agent/brokerage contact info in the description of the video (ex: “Come see this home listed by XXX, give us a call”)
  • Open house info in photos and videos
  • Agent/brokerage info when clicking a virtual tour link
  • Links to other videos that are branded

It’s important to note that a vendor NOT associated with the business of real estate (such as a photographer) can host the video on their platform.

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