Is your listing at the end of it’s 30-day window in Coming Soon status, but your sellers are not yet ready to go active? If you or your clients need extra time, it may be a good idea to place your listing in a Temporarily Off-Market status.

Coming Soon to Temporarily Off-Market (TOM)

To change the listing’s status in Flexmls, you must first set the listing to Active, then you will be able to set it to TOM. Listings must be in Active status to have the TOM status available. Although your listing can’t go back to being in a Coming Soon status, you can change the listing to a TOM status until you are ready for your listing to be active. Days on market, both ADOM and CDOM, are paused while the listing is in TOM status.

Screen shot of coming soon to TOM

If you have more questions about changing the listing status feel free to contact ARMLS Support or read more about temporarily taking a listing off-market.