Utilizing all of Flexmls’ mapping features to your advantage creates a better searching experience. For example, when in a Quick Search, did you know you can increase the size of the map for easier navigation?

To increase the map horizontally, click the arrow to the right of your listing results. This will minimize your search criteria on the left. To show the search fields again, click anywhere on the minimized panel.

Screenshot of Quick Search fields with arrow pointing to minimize criteria

To increase the map vertically, click the arrow next to the Stats option. This will minimize your menu and the listing sharing options in your search. To show the menu again, click the arrow once more.

Screenshot of listing viewing options with the arrow to minimize menu outlined in red

You can also use both options at once to maximize your view of the mapping tools for better searching.

Screenshot of a Quick Search with the map maximized. Arrows to minimize the map are outlined in red.