Sometimes it’s necessary to report a listing error. Making a report is an easy process but knowing when to isn’t always as simple.

There are currently over 25,000 active or recently closed listings in our MLS database, each containing lots of important information. We have systems in place to help ensure the accuracy of this data, but we also allow subscribers to report errors to us.

If you spot an error in a listing, you can click the Report an Error button located above the listing details.

flexmls report listing error button

You will then be brought to a form that enables you to provide details about the listing error.

If there is an error in your own listing, you can edit the listing yourself while on-market. You can even edit the listing up to seven days after being off-market. If you still need help, tell on yourself by submitting a Self-Reported Listing Error.

Before You Report

Many error reports we receive turn out not to be violations. It can be tricky to know whether or not a rule has been broken. Contacting the listing agent or asking your broker is a great first step to take if you think something might not be right.

You can also consult our Rules and Regulations policy or contact Data Integrity if you’re still unsure.

What Happens Next

  • When we receive a report, our Data Integrity team reviews the report and creates a case if there could be a violation.
  • Research is done using a multitude of resources. At times more information may be required from the listing agent.
  • When the research is completed, the case is closed with an outcome of either non-penalty violation, penalty violation or not a violation.
  • Due to privacy regulations, we do not share details about the outcome with the subscriber who made the report. You can email to check the status of a report.

Take our online Rules and Adding a Listing courses to learn more about the listing process and how to avoid violations.