Aligned Showings has released several new features in the system based on your valuable insights, including the introduction of advanced showing feedback features. Let’s take a look at how these new features can elevate your experience with Aligned Showings.

Seller/Tenant Feedback Options

While modifying a listing’s showing preferences, there is now an option for sellers/tenants to view feedback as well.

Screenshot of the Seller/Tenant Involvement pointing out the View Feedback options.

You can choose to have them automatically receive all feedback that is submitted or choose to send only feedback surveys you approve for them to view.

View Feedback in My Listings

While in the My Listings area of Aligned Showings, an option to View Feedback is displayed directly on the listing card. Clicking this will allow you to view all submitted surveys for that listing in one location. This is where you can choose to approve individual feedback surveys for your seller or tenant to view.

A listing card pointing out the View Feedback option for showings

Enable Feedback Analysis

You can enable feedback analysis on surveys through ChatGPT, which provides analysis on whether the responses are positive (favorable) or negative (non-favorable). To enable the function, visit the Listing Setup, where under the Feedback Survey section you can toggle the button next to Show Feedback Analysis to Yes.

Screenshot of the option to automatically analyze feedback

Screenshot of a submitted feedback survey with feedback analysis on