You may want to monitor new listings in a search to gain insight on new activity without inundating yourself with Agent Only Subscriptions.

In Flexmls, you are able to view Search Results by visiting your Saved Searches, then clicking the three dots on your desired search to choose View Details.

Screenshot of the Search Results Totals in a Saved Search

You can also view this information under a contact in Contact Management by going to their Searches/Subscriptions tab.


Screenshot example of the total amount of results for a search in Contact Management


Each of these selections will show listings that meet the search criteria filtered by a time range to help you monitor searches. It will not affect how often your client receives Subscriptions.

View All / Total Listings

This displays the total number of current listings that match the search criteria. These are the same results that show when you simply click on a search name.

New Listings in the last [24 hours] / View new in the last [24 hours]

This is a handy way to monitor your searches on a regular basis. The default 24-hour time frame is beneficial if you want to check up on the search each day. You can change this time frame to fit your needs if you are viewing less regularly.

New Listings since [one month ago] / View new since [one month ago]

This can be used to check what listings have changed in the last month or since the last time you reset this time frame with the next option.

View and Reset / Reset time and view new since [one month ago]

This option is similar to the last. Viewing and Resetting will display the listings from the date shown but will also reset this time frame to now. Therefore, regardless of how much time has passed, this will hold all the new listings since you last viewed them.