Have you ever needed to search for or exclude age-restricted properties? Flexmls has a field to help you improve your search results called Age Restrictions. You can use this field to indicate or find a 55+ community, for example.

Using the Age Restrictions Field

When doing a residential Quick Search, click the Add a Field box and type in Special Listing Conditions. This provides a list of special restrictions, including age restrictions. Add the field to your search criteria, then select the checkbox for Age Rstrt.

The special conditions field in Flexmls.

These fields use the and, or, not function.

  • And gives you properties that do in fact have an Age Restriction clause.
  • Or indicates that you’re open to both age-restricted and non-age-restricted properties.
  • Not means no age restriction properties will populate in your search.

We hope this information is beneficial to you in finding age-restricted properties in Flexmls. For a complete overview of the listing process, take our Adding a Listing online course or register for a live class.