A Special Assessment District (SAD) is an area where the value is heightened due to a public improvement in which a tax is apportioned to recover the costs of said improvement i.e. to finance a local street or sewer repairs.

Why it’s Important to Check

The costs of the special assessment would fall on the person purchasing the home. These costs can vary and could prevent an individual from being able to purchase a home. If the cost of a special assessment added an additional $100+ to housing costs for a buyer, they may have to go with a different house based on their budget.

How it Affects Entering Your Listing

When adding a listing, the Special Assessment District falls under the disclosures section, which is a required field.

This should not be confused with Community Facility District (CFD), which can be found under the HOA section of the listing. These two fields are not one and the same and should not be treated as such.

How to Know if a Property has a Special Assessment

To find out if a property has a special assessment, pull the property up in Monsoon and scroll down to the Tax Assessment History. There you will find a link to the County Treasurer website. Click it.

Once on the site, select “View 2018 Tax Details”. This number will change depending on the current year.

Tax Button

You will then be able to see the list of any special assessments on the property.

List of special assessments