Are your listing photos telling the best story possible? A few months ago, we posted 6 Real Estate Photography Tips for those do-it-yourself types who choose not to hire a photographer. But even if you do have a professional shooting your photos, there are still lots of things to keep in mind to ensure the results that you and the homeowner want. After all, a picture says a thousand words!

Plan a Shot List

Regardless of who is shooting the photos, have a shot list planned in advance. Look at each room and the exterior areas to determine the best angles and which features to focus on. If you’re working with a photographer, be as specific with your list as possible so nothing is left to chance. If you don’t want the overgrown shrubs to be in the shot of the backyard, say so!

Don’t Let Anything Pull Focus

Before you or your photographer begins shooting, remove any items that are unsightly or potentially distracting. Some examples are very specific types of artwork or decorative items, hoses or floats in the pool, cluttered countertops and family photos. Let the home speak for itself.

Think About Your Overall Marketing Plan

Photos are essential for listing a property in MLS, but think about the big picture (no pun intended) as well. Will you want to use the photos for print ads, postcards, Instagram or any other purpose? If so, be sure to get the highest quality possible to be safe. Professional photographers often send lower resolution versions to their clients unless full-resolution files are requested. Also, take vertical as well as horizontal shots to give yourself more options for use.

Friendly reminder: ARMLS rules state that all Class 1 & 2 listings added to Flexmls must contain at least one exterior photo (it doesn’t have to be the main/primary photo). Be sure to take several exterior shots so you have choices!