You can add a co-lister in Flexmls at different points in the life cycle of a listing and for a number of reasons. You might be entering a new listing for the first time or maybe you’re mentoring a new agent and need to add them to an existing listing. Whatever the reason, adding a co-lister in Flexmls is a simple task.

Adding a Co-Lister to a New Listing

To add a co-lister while entering your listing, search for their name in the Co-listing Member field on the General tab of your listing.

listing screenshot

Adding a Co-Lister to an Existing Listing

Once your listing is live in Flexmls, go to the Main Menu and select Change Listing. From there, select the listing you need to change. On the Change screen, select Listing/Selling Member.

You’ll now be able to add a co-listing member to an active listing.

Add/ Change Screen

To delete a co-lister, return to the Co-listing Member field and click on the black x. This will remove the Co-Lister from the listing.