A Community Facility District or CFD, is a special taxing district set by a municipality or county as a way of obtaining funding for public works, services, schools and improvements within a community. The funding is used for anything from street lights to building parks to road maintenance. We have been exploring ways to bring this information inside the Monsoon Tax System but at this moment this information is found through the county.

How to Check if Your Listing is in a CFD

If you want to check for a specific property or find the fees associated with a particular CFD, you can go to the County Treasurer’s website and type in that property’s parcel number to access that information. From there, view the corresponding year to view its details.

Where do I Find the CFDs in My Area?

Instead of viewing CFDs on a per parcel basis, many city websites provide CFD information:

Take note, there is a Com Facilities Distr field in Flexmls but it is optional.