Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pinpoint the renters in a particular area or subdivision? You can in the Monsoon Tax System!

Finding Renters in Monsoon 

In the Tax tab, start by defining your area, whether that be a city, ZIP code, subdivision or a custom shape. Next add Owner Intended Use into your search template by clicking Add/Modify/Reorder at the bottom of your template.

To add fields, scroll down until you see the gray fields. You can add any of these into your search. They’re in alphabetical order to help make it easier to find your specific field. Click Save at the bottom when finished.

monsoon screenshot

In the Owner Intended Use field you have the option to choose Primary Residence, Secondary Residence or Rental. By selecting Rental, your search results will be narrowed down to the properties that were coded as a rental at the time of purchase. You can even create mailing labels directly from Monsoon, targeting either the renter or the homeowner.

monsoon screenshot

Monsoon even allows you to search for out of state owners.

Watch the Monsoon Tax Online Course to learn more.