Multigenerational living is not a new idea, but in recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of these homes for a multitude of reasons. There are even homes being designed with this purpose in mind. In Flexmls, when attempting to find homes that can support multiple generations, get creative. Multigenerational, or multi-gen, is a generic phrase. Here are some examples of alternative ways to find multigenerational homes.

First, start by adding fields. You can make use of synonyms when you add the field Public Remarks. Try adding terms such as in-law suite, multigenerational or casita. Note, some terms are trademarked. For example, Next GenĀ® is a trademarked term specifically referring to a Lennar Home.

multigenerational blog add a field screenshot

Next, you can add the Accessibility Features field, then click Multiple Entries/Exits. Remember, it is an and/or/not function.

Furthermore, you can add the Additional Bedroom field, then click 2 Master Bedrooms or Separate Bedroom Exit. Again, this is an and/or/not function.

add a field additional bedroom screenshot

Finding a listing that matches your client’s needs can be tricky and is dependent on what the listing agents provide in Flexmls. So, using these alternate paths may help you find more multigenerational homes. Lastly, remember to be careful with the trademarked terms, as they can be builder specific.