Looking for a listing with separate living quarters? Whether it’s a guest house, casita or mother-in-law suite, Flexmls offers a couple different ways to search: adding a search field or searching the public remarks.

Adding a Field

On the Quick Search Screen, scroll down past the search fields to the option that says Add a field to the search. Type “guest” into the text box and you’ll see the search option labeled Separate Guest House. You can also add the following options to get more specific results.

  • Separate Bdrm Exit (under Additional Bedroom)
  • Guest Qtrs-Sep Entrn (under Other Rooms)
  • Separate Strge Area (under Parking Features)

Public Remarks

But what if the listing agent didn’t earmark that field? Or maybe instead of a guest house, the listing has a “mother-in-law suite” or “guest wing?”

This is where the Public Remarks Field can come in handy. The public remarks field allows you to search by a keyword or keyphrase, such as mother-in-law suite. The field is not intuitive nor is it a search engine like Google. It simply matches the characters you have typed against any listings with the same string of characters. The public remarks field is not case sensitive, but it is character sensitive. For example, if you search for “mother in law suite” and then later search for “mother-in-law suite” with the hyphens, your search results will change. The best practice is to type it in both ways, separating them with a comma. The comma will then marry the results together.

flexmls screenshot