Everyone loves an obscure search field in Flexmls. They’re not just interesting, they can help you narrow down your search to make sure your client gets exactly what they want. For even more obscure fields, check out part 5, part 4part 3part 2 and part 1 of this series.

Dirt Front/Back

Dirt might not seem very exciting, but if your client is looking for a blank canvas to build the yard of their dreams, a dirt lot can be exactly what they’re looking for. It’s also perfect for the client who’s a big fan of soil.


Misting System

Pools are great for cooling off, but so are misters. A properly designed and installed mister can lower outdoor temperatures by as much as 30 degrees! In our hot and dry climate, misters are especially effective.


Two-Way Fireplace

A two-way fireplace typically divides a space and can be seen from both areas. This doubles the enjoyment of a roasting fire and brings a modern approach to a very traditional concept. Currently there are 457 listings that feature a two-way fireplace.


Common Walls

Your client isn’t at the mercy of the market. By selecting Common Walls, they can choose how close they’d like to be to their neighbor by selecting between 0, 1, 2 or 3 shared common walls.


9+ Flat Ceilings

If your client wants high ceilings, they have options. You can search for listings that have 9 or more feet of clearance, but aren’t angled or sloped like vaulted ceilings.