When you add a listing to Flexmls, there are so many fields it can be tough to keep track of them all. To help, this article is part 4 in our guide to obscure MLS fields, so you can learn how to use every field to your best advantage (part 5part 3, part 2 and part 1). Follow along for a deep dive into Flexmls’s lesser-known fields.

Subagents (Contract Information)

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Sub-agency was once a popular type of brokerage relationship. According to NAR, “a subagent owes the same fiduciary duties to the agent’s customer as the agent does. Subagency usually arises when a cooperating sales associate from another brokerage, who is not the buyer’s agent, shows property to a buyer. The subagent works with the buyer to show the property but owes fiduciary duties to the listing broker and the seller. Although a subagent cannot assist the buyer in any way that would be detrimental to the seller, a buyer customer can expect to be treated honestly by the subagent.”

Buyer-agency brokerage relationships are the present-day norm. But because some brokerages still practice sub-agency, ARMLS has retained Subagents as a required field in Flexmls. If you’re wondering whether to use sub-agency or not, reach out to your broker.

Buyer/Broker (Contract Information)

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Here’s another required field when adding a listing to Flexmls. By selecting Y for Buyer/Broker, you signal your willingness to cooperate with a buyer’s agent for the purpose of closing the real estate transaction.

Solar Tubes (Energy/Green Feature)

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Solar tubes are similar to traditional skylights in that both act as a source of natural daylight for the interior of any home. But instead of the window-like construction of traditional skylights, solar tubes are tunnel-like devices leading from the exterior roof to the interior ceiling. Solar tubes (compared to skylights) are typically less expensive to purchase and install, reduce heat gain/loss to the home’s interior, require almost no maintenance and are virtually leak proof. Currently, there are 188 listings in Flexmls with solar tubes.

Central Vacuum (Features)

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The worst part of vacuuming has to be dragging that cumbersome, unwieldy contraption from room to room. One way to make the chore a little easier is opting for a home with a central vacuum system. The vacuum unit is usually located in the home’s garage or basement. Pipes are run behind the walls from the vacuum unit to outlets in each room of the home. The vacuum’s motor is activated each time a vacuum hose is inserted into a particular outlet. Currently, there are 1,396 listings in Flexmls with central vacuums.

Penthouse (Unit Style)

Vector penthouse

If your client enjoys stunning views and urban luxury living, a residence on the top floor of a high rise just might fit the bill. With over 30 currently active Penthouse listings, you’re sure to find your client the perfect pad.