In the world of MLS fields, List Price is the superstar. Yet, there are other lesser known fields that can shine for the right client. These seemingly random fields can represent specific client needs and niches. If you can’t get enough, find more obscure fields in part 2, part 3part 4 and part 5 of this series.

Bath Roll-In Shower (Accessibility Feature)

Home searchers who require the ability to access a show/bath via wheelchair or other mobility device will appreciate this field. While there are only 109 Active/UCB at the moment, the feature is important to those who seek it.

Synthetic Grass Frnt / Back (Landscaping)

Fake lawns are not cheap and might add equity.

Bidet (Master Bathroom)

The current median List Price for homes with a bidet is $1,862,500, clearly a luxury feature.

Hangar (Parking Features)

As in, airplane hangar, a place to park an airplane. The current median List Price for this feature is surprisingly only $489,000.

City Light View(s) (Property Description) 

These listings typically have higher elevations in the surrounding hill or mountain areas in the Valley.