Whenever the topic of syndication re-enters the real estate trade news, we see an increase in inquiries about syndication here at ARMLS. So, what a better time than now to answer some common syndication myths.

Myth 1. ARMLS Sells Data to Third Parties

We don’t sell listing data, it’s not ours to sell as brokers own the listings. ARMLS charges a nominal flat fee, designed to offset the cost of supporting/maintaining the data feed that is paid by the syndicator.

Myth 2. ARMLS Secretly Sends Listings to X Website

Your broker decides where listings go through Flexmls. We have simply put the technology in place. All syndication options must be opted-in, some MLSs do the opposite, where data is sent unless the broker opts out.

Myth 3. There is a Consensus Among Subscribers on Where Listings Should be Syndicated

Decisions on where to syndicate are all over the map. There are some vocal opinions against sending listings to third parties, especially the big portals such as, yet a majority of listings are sent by brokers to third parties.

At ARMLS, we believe it isn’t our place to tell a broker where they can or cannot send their listings. Luckily, the decision is in the hands of the brokers who have to make the tough call. The idea of “voting with your feet” applies if a portal won’t play ball or doesn’t fit your needs. What does your broker think about syndication? Does your office send listings? It’s an important conversation to have.