Within Aligned Showings, a Team Member and Team Instructions can be added in three different places.

For All Showings Going Forward:

Visit your Settings and go to Edit System Preferences to add a Team Member to be involved with all your listings going forward. Team Instructions can also be added to automatically populate into new listings.

Screenshot of the System Settings in Aligned Showings.

For All Showings for a Specific Listing:

Under the My Listings area, you can edit the Office Involvement section to add a Team Member to be involved with all showings for this specific listing. Team Instructions can be added to display for this listing’s showing appointments.

Adding a team member

For a Single Showing Appointment:

Within your Messages, you can add a Team Member to your team, whether it be on the listing or showing side. This addition will apply only to the selected showing appointment. Any Team Member can modify the Team Instructions that always displays on the right.

Screenshot of the Team area for a showing appointment in the Messages area.

Though adding a Team Member is not required in Aligned Showings, it becomes vital if you collaborate with a trusted co-listing agent or your office operates with an established Teams system. By adding a Team Member, you empower them to efficiently manage showings, access important listing details and stay engaged with each individual listing. It ensures seamless coordination within your team, promoting a more streamlined and effective showing process.

To learn more, check out theĀ Aligned Showings information page.