When it comes to CMAs, we often get asked “What’s the best way to find my comps?” It’s a common and excellent question. While we can show you how to use Flexmls to pull comps, we cannot advise you on what to enter in the adjustment fields. But we can give you a list of common questions to ask your broker if you need help.

Adjustment Fields

Some great questions to ask your Broker might include:

  • How should I approach finding comps?
  • Should I do adjustments? If so, how?
  • How does geography play into my decisions?
  • Does the caliber of the home affect my CMA?
  • How do I handle multi-story homes?
  • What’s your strategy on pools?

Once you’ve got your list of comparable properties chosen, it’s time to see how they stack up against your subject property. If you’re unsure which CMA to choose, the CMA button in Flexmls will walk you through theĀ three different types of CMA options.