Recently, our Support team received this question via Live Chat from one of your fellow subscribers:

“I just changed brokers, and now my current listings are not showing on my Flexmls dashboard. I can find them, but they’re displaying my old brokerage info. How do I transfer them to my new brokerage?” 

Since this scenario comes up fairly often, we thought it would be a good one to share more broadly. Maybe it’s even happened to you before. If you’ve ever transferred your real estate license to a different brokerage, you may have noticed that your listings didn’t automatically transfer with you. That is to say, those listings stayed with your former brokerage.

Why don’t my listings go with me? 

Listings don’t transfer because they belong to the brokerage you were at when you listed them. When you hang your license with a new brokerage, your former broker has the right to assign any of your active, UCB, CCBS or pending listings to a different listing agent who is still with their office.

Can my listings be transferred? 

Potentially. Contact your former broker and request that they transfer the listings to your new brokerage. While they are under no obligation to do so, it never hurts to ask. To have the listings transferred to your new brokerage, you must submit a listing transfer form signed by your previous broker to your local association.

What about closed listings?

Thus far we’ve only discussed active or under contract listings. But what about closed listings? Any listings you closed while with a former brokerage won’t appear on your Flexmls dashboard once you’ve transferred to a new brokerage. However, your closed listings will always be credited to you in Flexmls statistical reports, regardless of which brokerage you were with when the listing closed.