Do you need to change the status of a listing from UCB to Pending in Flexmls? The process is simple.

Click on Change Listing in your Flexmls menu, input the MLS number and then click Pend Listing (Under Contract).

Screenshot of the option to Pend Listing.

You’ll be prompted to enter key pieces of information about the transaction, including the contract date, selling member and sell price. You won’t be able to proceed if you fail to enter in any of the required information. When you’ve filled in all fields, click Save. You’ll be prompted to confirm the change the status. Once you click Save again, you’re all done! Pro tip: Be sure to check the contract information that was entered in when the listing was placed in UCB/CCBS status and make any necessary revisions before clicking save.

Refer to the blog posts below for help with other status changes and be sure to adhere to listing deadlines!

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