There has been a ZIP code change in Tempe. The USPS announced last month that ZIP code 85281 has spilt. The newest ZIP code, 85288, went into effect July 1, 2022 (See image below). You may have already seen this in the news, but let’s discuss how it affects you as an ARMLS subscriber.

map of tempe az zip codes

ARMLS has already taken steps to minimize subscriber impact, but you will see a few Flexmls changes. First, the new ZIP code has been added to the search field template. Next, the new ZIP code will be updated into the map overlays.

Additional Items to Consider

  • Postal customers have already been using the new ZIP code.
  • Public records already reflect the change.
  • The new zip code (85288) is in the Monsoon Tax System.
  • Historical data in Flexmls has been updated for any future analysis done by subscribers.
  • Saved Searches using 85281 have been updated to include 85288.

See the USPS press release here.