There’s a cool Monsoon search filter you might not know about. It’s often underutilized and underestimated, but it can make all the difference in a search- the is/not option.

Certain filters include an is/not option that allow you to fine tune a search based on exact needs. One example of this is the Owner State List field. Once you select a state from the list you’ll notice that the word is also appears. If you click on the word it changes to not.

Why would this be helpful? Perhaps you’re trying to find potential clients who own properties here but live out of state and are less likely to already be working with a local real estate professional. In that case, you would enter in Arizona as the owner’s state and then change the Is to Not.

Monsoon Search Filter screenshot

Keep in mind that Owner State List is not part of the default Monsoon search template. You will need to customize your template to add it in. Another example of that would be the Listing Status field which can also be added in and contains the is/not feature.

Play around with this and you’ll find that it can improve your search results. To learn more handy Monsoon tips, take one of our live webinars!