It is possible that other subscribers within your brokerage may have permission to edit your listings. These individuals can be a helpful resource in case of an emergency where you are unable to access your listing. Check out below the different types of subscribers that can access and edit a listing.

  • Listing Agent – The primary listing subscriber representing the listing can always edit their listings.
  • Co-Listing Agent – A secondary listing subscriber, within the Listing Agent’s Office, helping to represent the listing can make edits.
  • Designated Broker – The Designated Broker of the Office representing the listing can make edits.
  • Admins or Agents with listing access – Pre-setup by a broker, these subscribers can access listings for an individual agent, a specific office or entire company if granted by the Designated Broker. These subscribers have permission to edit listings for an agent, Office or Company within their own account.
  • Admins or Agents with impersonation (super-user) access – If enabled, subscribers within the same Company can impersonate one another after the Designated Broker grants the access. You can edit a listing if you have the permission to impersonate any of the subscribers above. These subscribers must log into their own account to impersonate the Listing Agent, Co-Listing Agent, Designated Broker or other subscriber with listing access.

Remember, your listing can be edited at any time while incomplete and on-market. The listing can even be accessed up to seven days after being off-market.