Seeing what’s going on with your client’s subscription is easy with the Opt-In Status report. This report will show you if your client is receiving their subscription emails.

Viewing the Opt-In Status Report

From the Flexmls menu, click on Opt-In Status under Contacts.

Contact Management section in Flexmls menu


The report has 5 statuses.

Summary page of the opt in status report

Pending Opt-In: The client has received the email but needs to confirm their subscription to continue.

Undeliverable – Emails cannot be delivered as the email address doesn’t exist, the opt-in was marked as spam, their mailbox is full or other technical errors.

Confirmed– The client has opted in and is receiving their subscription.

Opted Out– The client has opted out or unsubscribed.

Inactive– Clients will go inactive if they have not clicked on a link to a subscription in 13 months.


So the next time you want to check your client’s subscription status, check out the Opt-in Status report.