Have you enabled Broker Attribution for your listings? This allows an email address or phone number to be displayed on listings on Public Facing Listing Search Websites (IDX), which provides a direct way for buyers to contact you.

Brokers can set a single email address or phone number to be used for all listings in the office. Otherwise, they can grant each Listing Agent the ability to include a phone number or email address of their choice. Designated Brokers can visit their General Preferences to set up attribution options.

Screenshot of the Broker Attribution page in a broker's account

Agents will not see this in effect unless their broker has assigned the attribution options to their listing agents. In this case, they can visit General Preferences to include the phone number or email address they want displayed on the listings. Then, when adding a listing, you have the option to include your attribution.

Screenshot of the General tab when adding a listing showing the Broker Attribution field