Time period can be very important when doing searches in Flexmls. When completing a Quick Search, you can adjust the dates of a specific status for your search.

Using Dates to Search

Click on Status and select the one you’d like to search by. Underneath Status, click the link that says See All and Select Date Range. This will expand your search by giving you five more date options. Each one correlates with a status.

Be sure you have the correct status selected with your date option. See below to match statuses with date options.

Under Contract Date= Pending Status

Close of Escrow Date= Closed Status

Expire Date= Expired Status

Temporarily Off Market Date= Temp Off Market Status

Cancel Date= Canceled Status

Once you expand your date options, you can either choose a date range or a number of days back (aka relevant date searching). You can switch between these options by clicking on the two tiny arrows.

This feature will allow you to narrow your search so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in Flexmls.