Need help customizing your agent profile in Flexmls? We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Before You Start

Notify your association of any changes to your name, preferred contact information or brokerage. They will pass the information on to us and we’ll update your ARMLS account with this new information. Updating your agent profile on Flexmls or other websites does not make the change official with ARMLS.

Updating Your Flexmls Profile

Look for your initials in the top right corner of Flexmls. From the dropdown menu, choose My Profile. A dashboard will then appear and you can select the specific parts of your profile you’d like to update. Note that choosing the My Names option allows you to change your Marketing Name only. That is the name you want to appear on listing reports that you share with others. This option is useful if you have a preferred nickname. Your System Name is what appears on the Flexmls site and will always default to the name that is on file with ARMLS. Note that as of this publish date, the law surrounding use of nicknames has changed. Check with ADRE for the most updated guidelines.

If you want to change your email address, we recommend contacting your association.

Flexmls Agent Profile Menu         

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