This blog is part three of a three-part series. Check out Part 1 (Create a Custom Business Card) and Part 2 (Edit a Custom Business Card).

The Generic Business Card appears throughout Flexmls unless you Create a Custom Business Card and set it as your default. If you choose to create a Custom Business Card, there are several areas you must go into to set it as your default for it to show in all areas of Flexmls.

Listing Reports and Manual Emails

To change the default business card that appears on Listing Reports and when sending a manual email via Flexmls, visit your General Preferences.

Screen shot of Flexmls General Preferences setting for Choose a default business card

Manual Email Templates

If you saved an Email Template, the Business Card originally selected is saved with that specific Email Template. To change the default Business Card used for Email Templates, visit the Email option in a Search. Choose the Email Template you want to change and update the Signature to your desired Business Card. Click the Templates Options button to Update the Template.

Screen shot of a Flexmls email Template with the signature being updated

Client Portals

Within your client’s Portals, your contact information from My Profile is displayed throughout and a Business Card is obsolete. Therefore, you do not need to set a Custom Business Card as your default, but you can update your profile information and photo if desired.