This blog is part two of a three-part series. Check out Part 1 (Create a Custom Business Card) and Part 3 (Set a Custom Business Card as Your Default).

When your contact information changes, like phone number and email address, be sure to update your local association. The new details will be passed to ARMLS, which will automatically update your Generic Business Card created by Flexmls. If you saved a Custom Business Card to use, you may need to manually update the information separately.

To make any changes to a Custom Business Card, visit the main Menu to select My Reports under the Preferences heading. Find the Business Card you want to change, then click Edit.

Screenshot of My Reports with a Custom Business Card highlighted in grey

If the information is displayed in HTML coding, the contact information you changed with your local association has been automatically updated in your Custom Business Card. You can change any details manually or utilize the Flexmls Building Blocks, which can be referenced in Part 1. Be sure to save your changes and check our Part 3 on how to set a Custom Business Card as your default.