What is a County Island?

A county island is an unincorporated area of land surrounded by a city or town. Some benefits to living on a county island are lower taxes and less governmental oversight, while drawbacks include being responsible for your own utilities and not being allowed to vote in city elections. Some well known county islands in the Valley include New River, Sun City, Sun City West, Rio Verde and Tonopah.

Searching for County Islands in Flexmls

To search Flexmls for county islands, start a Quick Search and add the field of Tax Municipality. Next, select the desired county you are looking for unincorporated properties in. County island selections will always end with the word COUNTY.

Tax Municipality OF option

As an added bonus, you can exclude county islands by utilizing the and/or/not function in Flexmls.

Tax Municipality not option screenshot in Flexmls

If you’re still curious about county islands or if you are unable to locate a specific property in Flexmls, try searching for county islands in The Monsoon Tax System.