County islands are hot topics and your client may have a strong opinion about living in one. You can make your search a little easier and a lot more accurate by using the County Island field in Monsoon, which allows you to alter your search to include or exclude these areas.

How to Search

From the Tax Search, add the County Island field by clicking on Add/Modify/Reorder link at the bottom of the page. Once added, you now have the option to include or exclude county islands from your search.

Select Yes if you are looking for results in a county island or No if you wish to exclude them. The default value of Any turns the search filter off.

County island search

Fun County Island Facts

Maricopa County recognizes 25 tax areas, 26 if you count the county itself, so anything that does not fall into one of the 25 would be a county island. Remember that postal code areas are different, just because an address is in Gilbert doesn’t mean taxes are paid to Gilbert.