Do you ever find yourself stuck when trying to find comps for a listing? It can be quite a process. What if I told you Flexmls provides an option to find them with a click of a button? The Search Comparables feature finds comparable listings in one step.

To start a one-click comparable search, visit the Quick Launch Bar and type in the address or MLS number of the property you want to see similar listings for. Click on the listing under the Comparable Search heading to easily view similar listings.

Screenshot of an address in the Quick Launch Bar with a property highlighted under Comparable Search

You can also find this feature within a search under the Detail tab of a listing.

Screenshot of the options under the Detail tab of a Search with Search Comparables outlined in red

This feature will search for listings within the following criteria by default:

  • 0.25 mile radius from the subject property
  • The same number of bedrooms as the subject property
  • The same number of bathrooms as the subject property
  • Active, Pending in the last year and Closed in the last six months

These defaults can be changed by visiting the main Menu and selecting General Preferences. The Comparables area has several ways to adjust your criteria for comparison. Making changes here will be applied to all One Click Comparable searches moving forward.

Screenshot of the Comparables options in General Preferences

Now you are ready to take these listings and create a CMA in Flexmls.