What is a Zoning Code?

A zoning code defines what a piece of land is allowed to be used for (e.g., residential, business/industrial or farm). There is a lot of information to review about zoning, so let’s summarize a few things. There are two types of zoning: county zoning and city zoning. Some examples of zoning codes you may find are: RU4, C1-2 R16, R3, C-3, R-5, R-43 and more.

Your clients may want to know about zoning codes to determine what they can and can’t do on a property. Some commonly researched zoning questions are regarding R.V.’s, livestock, horse properties and multiple dwellings.

In Flexmls, to search multiple zoning options, you can use public remarks. Be sure to review a previous blog on zoning called “Can I Search for Listings with Multiple Zoning Options?“.

Zoning in Monsoon

In Monsoon, the Maricopa county zoning field is only selectable in the MLS Search.

Screenshot of monsoon home page with MLS search featured

First, click on the MLS Search icon. Next, go to Add/Modify/Reorder Fields. The Zoning field is located at the bottom. After adding Zoning, click Save. Once the Zoning field is in your MLS template, feel free to search using specific zoning codes, as mentioned previously.

add zoning field to mls search

Zoning codes can be changed from one zone type to another with approval from the city or county. A noticeable example you may see is farmland being converted into property for homes with businesses sprinkled throughout.

From the perspective of a community member, how your neighborhood is zoned can improve or diminish the area. To find more information on zoning, you and your clients must go to each individual city’s planning and zoning webpage for specific zoning details.

Local Resources

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