Being a realtor often demands your availability around-the-clock. However, there are instances when you may need to step away from the MLS. Whether you’re planning a vacation, dealing with personal matters or facing an emergency, proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining good client relationships.

Below are a few suggestions for overseeing your MLS system and meeting your clients’ requirements while taking a break.

Preparing Your MLS

  1. Communicate with your broker and clients. Inform them of your absence, its duration and your plans for managing your responsibilities. They may have specific requests for arrangements.
  2. Add a Co-Listing Agent. If you have an active listing on the market, consider designating a co-listing agent who can step in and assist if needed. Additional items include:
      • Add a Co-Listing Agent – Grant another agent access to manage the listing by adding them as a Co-Listing Agent.
      • Edit Listing Information – Visit the Details tab to edit the Primary Showing Contact. Indicate the Co-Listing Agent will be the main point of contact for showing requests.
      • Modify Showing Instructions– If you’re using a showing service, add the co-listing agent to receive and manage showing requests through their platform.
  3. If you’re unable to designate someone to take your place, consider placing the listing in a Temporarily Off Market status. Before making this decision, consult with your broker and client.
  4. Transfer the buyer’s contacts. If you’re working with a buyer and want another agent to assist them in your absence, you can transfer the contact’s details. Visit Contact Management to initiate the transfer, which includes transferring their portal access and any subscriptions.